The ARKON Over-Ear Headphones WHP300 for Your PCs or Laptops

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The ARKON Over-Ear headphone WHP300 is a wired headphone developed and produced by ARKON. ARKON can provide OEM/ODM production services for brand owners for this Over-Ear headphone WHP300. In this blog, we will introduce the relevant product information of the ARKON Over-Ear headphone WHP3

In today's fast-paced world, computers have become our primary tool for work, communication and multimedia experience. However, most computers' built-in speakers often fall short in providing high-quality audio. To address this problem, ARKON has launched the WHP300 Over-Ear headphone, designed for computer users, including personal computers (PCs) and laptops (Laptops).

The ARKON Over-Ear headphone WHP300 is a wired headphone developed and produced by ARKON. ARKON can provide OEM/ODM production services for brand owners for this Over-Ear headphone WHP300. In this blog, we will introduce the relevant product information of the ARKON Over-Ear headphone WHP300.

The Design Highlights of ARKON Over Ear Headphone WHP300

1. Equipped with a large 50mm drive unit

The ARKON Over-Ear headphone WHP300 are equipped with a 50mm diameter driver unit, which can provide a wider sound field and deeper low-frequency dive compared to small-sized driver units. Especially when listening to music or playing games, the wide sound field and deep low-frequency can create an immersive feeling and enhance the sense of immersion and presence.

2.Retro Style Aluminum Alloy Shape

ARKON Over-Ear Headphone WHP300 uses aluminum alloy as the decorative plate. The decorative plate connects the earmuffs and headband of the headphone, which helps to reduce the deformation or loosening of the headphone during long-term use or frequent movement. Aluminum alloy is not only light and durable, but also gives people a retro and fashionable feel, allowing the headphone to show its unique charm in different usage scenarios. In addition, we can also provide production solutions according to the decorative plate style and headphone color required by the headphone brands.

3.Comfortable to wear

ARKON WHP300 headphones are lightweight and portable, with an earmuff design and a lightweight headband structure that can adapt to different head shapes. In addition, the earmuffs are made of soft and comfortable cushioning material, so you won't feel stuffy even if you wear them in the hot summer.


ARKON Over Ear Headphone WHP300

The Advantages of ARKON Over Ear Headphone WHP300  

1.High Sensitivity:

Higher Volume Output:ARKON Over-Ear headphone WHP300 is able to produce higher sound pressure levels (SPL) with lower power input, providing louder volume at the same volume setting.

Rich Details: is able to better reproduce the details and subtleties of music.

Wide Dynamic Range:ARKON Over-Ear headphone WHP300 has a wider dynamic range and can better handle large volume changes, providing a richer listening experience.

2.Low Resistance :

Due to the low power and current requirements of the ARKON Over-Ear headphones WHP300, it can be used with Laptops or PCs . In some cases, the ARKON Over-Ear headphones WHP300 can provide better control when using a more powerful audio amplifier.

3.Equipped with detachable cable

ARKON Over-Ear headphone WHP300 is equipped with a 1.2m detachable cable, which makes it easy for users to store and carry the headphones when they are not in use.The detachable cable design provides users with more flexibility. Users can choose whether to use the cable according to their needs.

The Specifications of ARKON Over Ear Headphone WHP300

The ARKON Over-Ear headphone WHP300 features a 3.5mm transmission mode and an impedance of 24Ω. With an output power of 20mW and a driver unit size of Φ50mm. The distortion level is kept at a low 3%, ensuring high-quality audio reproduction. The headphone comes with a 1.2m cable length for convenient use.

About Us

ARKON is a factory dedicated to producing high-quality headphones with more than 35 years of headphone manufacturing experience. We offer OEM/ODM cooperation with various types of headphones, including wireless TV headphones, wireless headphones for senior, Bluetooth headphones, and infrared teaching headphones, over-ear headphones,etc. Over the years, ARKON has always adhered to the concept of providing users with high-quality audio equipment, constantly innovating and striving to bring better experience to consumers.


ARKON Over Ear Headphone WHP300


The ARKON Over-Ear headphones WHP300 are a must-have accessory for Laptop or PC users to elevate their audio experience. Featuring large 50mm drivers, low resistance, and high sensitivity, these headphones deliver immersive, realistic sound. The vintage-style aluminum alloy form factor ensures durability, while the detachable cable adds convenience and versatility.

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